Ride for Joy is the first great adventure that unites all of the GSK headquarters in Italy.

The project has the dual objective of helping us get to know each other and GSK better, as well as giving us the possibility to strengthen our partnership with Dynamo by making it relevant to each and every one of us. It is a program dedicated to employees who, thanks to their time, skills and enthusiasm, have pledged support for Dynamo Camp through a bicycle race paired with an important fundraising activity.

40 colleagues who have volunteered for the selection process, will jump onto the saddle for a fundraiser for the Dynamo Camp.

Dynamo Camp is Italy’s first free-of-charge recreational therapy camp, specially structured to host sick children and young adults during therapy or the post-hospitalization period. Each rider will pledge to raise €1,000 for a grand total of €30,000 in support of the Dynamo Camp. GSK has also pledged to donate 100% of the target amount.

More than just Riders

There are numerous ways to participate – you don’t have to spend 5 days on a bike! We want to make it possible for each of us to get to know GSK better and understand the value of what we do for Dynamo. You can contribute by participating in just one day of rides, by cheering on the street, welcoming riders upon arrival at the various venues, or perhaps by driving the safety car that will accompany the group of cyclists.


12-16 September 2019

A 5-day bike ride from the headquarters of GSK in Siena to the Verona offices, stopping at all the GSK sites across Italy.